Fluid Handling Solutions From Kenco Engineering

Electronic Level Measurement
Advanced Electronic Instrumentation Solutions for Process Media Measurement
Electronic Level Measurement Product Line
Mechanical Level Measurement
Versatile and Robust Mechanical Level Indication Solutions for Storage Tanks
Mechanical Level Measurement Product Line
Sight Flow Indicators
Reliably and Efficiently Monitor Fluid Flow in Process Piping Systems
Sight Flow Indicators Product Line
Chemical Process Equipment
Precise and Accurate Solutions for Monitoring the Performance of Chemical Injection Systems
Chemical Process Equipment Product Line
Engine & Gas Compressor Equipment
Safety and Control Devices for Engine and Gas Compressor Applications
Engine & Gas Compressor Equipment Product Line
Oil Level Controllers
Safety and Control Devices for Oil Level Control Applications
Oil Level Controllers Product Line


Fluid Handling Solutions From Lutz Pumps

Lutz Pumps,Inc,Drum Pumps,Container Pumps,Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps,Drum Pump Motors,Drum Pump TubesFor almost 50 years Lutz has focused its efforts on the specialist field of "Drum and Container Pumps". Since we are the leading company, worldwide, in this field we are able to be of greatest benefit to our customers and the environment.

Transferring liquids presents many challenges to personal safety and the environment. At Lutz we believe you will be able to find the optimum solution among the range of products which we have developed specifically to overcome the hazards presented by the pumping corrosive, flammable and toxic liquids. What is important is that the final solution is safe, effective and long lasting.

The wide variety of application, liquids and container dimensions has determined the spread of the Lutz range now extending to Tank pumps, Air operated double diaphragm pumps and Magnetic drive pumps as well as a complete range of flow meters.